To those of you who follow me, you know I have written a script called BIG SISTER. The script is important to me, because certain elements of it are based on a series of tragic events that occurred in my family. So, when readers “get” what I’ve tried to put on the page, it’s particularly gratifying.

I’m not sure why I didn’t post this before, but… here are comments from the BLACK LIST (2019) which discuss the strengths of BIG SISTER. Enjoy!

“BIG SISTER is a strong, dramatic script with compelling characters. The script is well structured — the plot reveals itself in an even pace and no scenes are too expositional, keeping the audience engaged with the characters in the present. We are able to garner a depth of knowledge about the characters by the various settings we find them. The dynamic between Lynn and Suzanne feels real and earned — it is clear by the way these characters are developed that they care deeply for each other and have had their rough patches in the past. When the story reveals that there is a deeper pain regarding their mother, it is a moment that feels truly like the audience has uncovered something they might not have been expecting. Lynn and Suzanne have many strong moments of nuanced dialogue together that express the themes of this feature — self-reliance, compassion, and moving forward despite circumstances. It won’t be lost on the audience that Lynn is helping a fraud of a self-help guru while needing a piece of that self-help herself. The feature ultimately ends on a bitter-sweet moment where we see clearly the character roles flipped between Lynn and Suzanne which displays the tremendous growth both sister have gone through through the duration of this feature.”