I thought a splash of color would help invigorate us all. I hope you are fine wherever you are. I am “sequestered” in Tokyo. I have not been on a train/subway for over a month. But I am fine and intend to stay that way.

Maybe you’ve had moments during this “covid crisis” where you’ve asked yourself, “Why am I doing/not doing this?” For about a month I could see no value in writing anything. I proofed a few scripts for other people; that was about as much creativity as I could allow myself.

But after about six weeks of being in a daze, I woke up and thought… “Okay, maybe it’s better to be writing, because there is something therapeutic and cleansing about it. And… the more I write (and read and give/receive notes), the more I become aware, the better a writer I become.”

So, I put my nose to the grindstone over the weekend and wrote a 1-page pitch for a script a producer has been interested in, based on a pitch paragraph. I felt the same sort of doubt/fear, nervousness/excitement that I always feel when I have an idea that I think might work. I fought past my fears and got it down on paper. You might think “one page” is no big deal, but when I basically had to pull a 3-act story out of my head when all I had was a paragraph, you might understand my reluctance to commit to it.

But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Committing to the idea, facing the page, getting the words down. I finally did what I know is good advice: I just wrote the whole thing down and printed/edited, over and over until I got it into a tight one page. Apparently the production company is happy so far, so the effort was worth it.

I just want to say: I FEEL YOU, I HEAR YOU. I know that fear, that worry, that concern, “Can I really do this yet AGAIN?” And I would like to believe that, “Yes you can!”

So, sit down, pick up the pen (or get your keyboard dusted off)… and just write. It’s much easier to edit/critique, fawn over, etc. when you actually have something down on the page!