… which I don’t have and never will. So, I’ll try to wedge this in while I have a few spare minutes.

I started off this year with a screenwriting assignment that, to put it politely, didn’t work out well. I have now been presented with another screenwriting assignment, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it, although I have been warned that it is going to take up all my time. That’s okay. Based on the knowledge I have, it will be produced. When that day comes, I’ll reference this blog post.

In the meantime, I am in the fourth month of a five-month journey with Roadmap Writers. I am not a salesman, but for my money (literally), Roadmap Writers is what I have been missing in my writing life for years.

As a result of participating in Roadmap Writers, I believe my loglines for my projects are much better, I believe my script “Big Sister” is in fighting shape and ready to be produced, and I believe that my pitching ability has improved. The last one is a big one for me, because it is the one component of being a screenwriter that I have little confidence in, and I admit it. But I will say that I feel much more comfortable than I did before and that is a major step forward for me.

One thing I’d like to share: In my pitch I was focusing a lot on the storyline and giving lots of details. I still do, but as a result of a pitch-coaching session, it was brought home to me that maybe one reason people weren’t connecting to the pitch is because I wasn’t coming at it from an emotional connection. In my mind I was, but I can see what the coach meant, and now I’m leading with that emotional connection more. We’ll see how things go, but… anyway, I feel better about my pitch.

Also as a result of participating in Roadmap Writers’ classes, a producer has expressed interest in “Big Sister,” and I have a one-hour TV drama (“Spice”) that basically came from a one-line joke I made to my friend. I am still in shock that we developed it into a TV show. Now we have to prepare the “bible” for it, but I’m looking forward to that.

There’s more… but you get the drift. The classes, lectures and pitching opportunities in Roadmap Writers have taken almost all my time, which is one reason why I don’t blog here often.

As a side note: Earlier this year I cut back to a bare minimum my playing piano at night. I’m proud of being a professional pianist, and I earned a fair amount of money being one, but it was cutting into all aspects of my life, mainly good sleep. I now have more energy to pursue my second greatest love after music, screenwriting, and I’m ecstatic. Yes, I made a number of sacrifices to do this, but I’m much happier doing what I’m doing.

I’ll touch base, hopefully again, this year. Meanwhile, if you do have a moment, check out Roadmap Writers. They rock!