When you set out write a screenplay or make a film, it’s essential to have words of wisdom to guide you. Here are sites that I found to be of value.

Beyond Structure
“200 techniques to make your writing extraordinary.” Classes and articles by David Freeman.

Deadline Hollywood (Ongoing)
The latest with what’s going on in Hollywood. Lots of info about screenwriters, directors, producers.

FIlm Skillet (Ongoing)
From the site: “Film Skillet is an international community of filmmakers and enthusiasts promoting quality independent films from around the world. Not only is Film Skillet a great place for networking, but it’s also a great place to watch films.”

Hollywood Journal (Ongoing)
From the site: “Hollywood Journal is an online community and public forum of stories about the positive influence of entertainment to inspire us, to transform our lives, and to impact our society.”

How To Sell Your Screenplay (April 2011)
Tips from a Hollywood executive.

John August (Ongoing)
John August is engaging and witty, and his site provides tons of helpful information, podcasts, scripts and more. Daily visits are encouraged.

Outlining a TV Show

What is the Story Driver? (Ongoing)
From “Dramatica: The Next Chapter in Story Development.”

When the Spec Script Was King (March 2013, Vanity Fair)
Fascinating article that covers the feeding frenzy of the ’90s for spec scripts, ending with a few rays of hope for their future.